The Margouilla's Advice on Nightstopping in Principe




What airfield can I expect?

The tiny airport of Principe is currently being renovated, thanks to the development of ecotourism on the island. As of June 2010, only a half width of the runway is complete and open, only 15 meters wide. The airport is unlighted, but it has customs and immigrations services which make it a full international airport

Airport security is non-existent.


Where am I?

Principe is the smallest inhabited island in the country, with only 5,000 population. It is essentially a tropical paradise, with its rainforest-covered volcano overlooking white sand beaches

Principe was discovered by Portuguese navigators in 1472. Like on neighbouring Sao Tomé, sugar plantations were soon established on the island, giving way to coffee and cocoa plantations during the 19th century. However most of them have been abandonned since the independence in 1975, and the island has reverted to a thick rainforest cover.


Where do I sleep?

Bom Bom Island Resort (10mn from the airport)

Tel: +(239) 22 23 50

The unique experience of a luxury lodge nested in tropical rainforest right on the beach, next to Bom Bom islet. The resort is comparable to the best world-class hotels found in the Seychelles. Expect a scortching 200 EUR a night for a stay in paradise...

Where do I eat?

What can I visit?

Where can I go out?



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