The Margouilla's Advice on Nightstopping in Okondja



What airfield can I expect?

Okondja’s runway is paved, and in good condition. Beware of bushes and small trees that grow right on runway edges and that can be a hazard for wingtips. The airport is uncontrolled and open during daylight hours only. The parking can easily accommodate four bizjets.

The little terminal building has been pillaged and is unusable. As the airport is unguarded, it is wise to hire somebody to keep the airplane safe when staying overnight. No flight plan filing is required to leave Okondja, although normally circular flight plans are filed in Libreville for return flights. There are no fees to pay.

The city is located just north of the airport; the 5-minute taxi ride can be negotiated at 500 XAF per passenger.


Okondja RWY 08 (2010)


Where am I?

Okondja is a small town of a couple thousands located in the forested hills along the Sébé River. It is the capital of the Sébé district. A quiet and safe village, Okondja’s economy is pretty much non-existent since coffee culture has been abandoned years ago.


Where do I sleep?

Hotel Eden (5mn from the airport)

In town across the road from the high school.

The Eden belongs to a Gabonese politician who was born in Okondja. It is clearly the best and only hotel as such in town. The best rooms are air-conditioned and reasonably clean. The hotel also has a terrace where basic food is served (grilled chicken, omelettes and the like). Rooms go for about 25,000 XAF a night. (2005)

Hotel Sébé (5mn from the airport)

            In town next to the communications antenna.

The Sébé is a reasonably clean hotel which has unfortunately been shut a few years back due to lack of customers. The owner often accepts to re-open it on request. Some rooms are air-conditioned. Expect prices in the 15,000 XAF range. (2005)

Mission Catholique

The sisters of the Catholic Mission offer clean accommodation for about 10,000 XAF per night.


Where do I eat?

No restaurant as such in Okondja. Basic food is served at the Hotel Eden and in the few cafeterias and “dos-tournés” that can be found in town.


What can I visit?

Just on the edge of town on the road to Akiéni, a nice lianas bridge crosses the Sébé river. A taxi can bring you there and back for 1000 XAF per person at the most.


Where can I go out?

Ah… You can’t, really. Just have a few beers at the Eden and call it the night.

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