The Margouilla's Advice on Nightstopping in Ivindo II




What airfield can I expect?

Ivindo II is a laterite strip located near the confluence of Gabon's two largest rivers: the Ivindo and the Ogooue. The first runway in Ivindo, used by the local timber camp, was built on the riverside near the train station, but that runway has been disused since 2003. Ivindo II is located in the forest hills just east of the confluence. Landing are normally performed uphill on runway 09, and takeoffs on runway 27. The runway is recent and well-maintained, its surface is hard and smooth laterite.

A small parking area has been cleared at hilltop, at runway 09's end. No tiedowns, no flight plan, no fees. The runway is the property of Rougier Gabon, a French timber company. Authorization to operate on the airfield should be requested from their offices in Libreville at +(241) 74 31 50 or


On final for Runway 09 at Ivindo II (2006)

Where am I?

In a timber camp for Rougier Gabon.


Where do I sleep?

The only place to sleep is the nearby Rougier camp. Accomodation must be arranged beforehand with the main office in Libreville.


Where do I eat?

Meals would have to be arranged with the camp operator.

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