The Margouilla's Advice on Nightstopping in Fougamou





What airfield can I expect?

Fougamou has a nice 1,500-meter laterite runway. In the old days, DC4s used to land there. Until recently, some local operators were sending bizjets to the place... In other words: the runway is long, hard and smooth. Today the runway is less used, so grass sometimes grows pretty tall and can hide termite mounts: try to have the runway checked by somebody before you go there.

The main challenge in Fougamou comes from the Koumounabouali mountain range, about a mile away: it has become the final resting place of a few bush pilots who inadvertently got themselves into IMC. For this reason, landings are usually performed facing south, and takeoffs facing north.
There are no tiedowns and the place is unguarded. No flight plan, no fees.

The town is located 5 km to the north. Taxis will bring you there for about 1,500 XAF.


Fougamou RWY 19 (2005)


Where am I?

Fougamou is a 5,000-inhabitant town lying along the shore of the Ngounié River, at the foot of the Koumounabouali Mountains. A forgotten town half-way from Lambaréné to Mouila, Fougamou's economy rests on a few tropical woods outfits which operate in the area. Asphalting of the road to Lambaréné should be completed in 2010: this will put Fougamou at less than 5 hours from Libreville by car.


Where do I sleep?

Hotel ??? (10mn from the airport)

Riverside hotel and restaurant, built in the late 1990's.

Auberge de Samba-Magotsi (10mn from the airport)

City center

Clean & comfortable. Around 15,000 XAF a night.

Mission de la Sainte-Famille (10mn from the airport)

Clean fan-equipped rooms. Cheap rates.


Where do I eat?

Skewers, grilled chicken & African food available in several ‘maquis' in town. The above-mentioned hotels are also restaurants.


What can I visit?

When the Ngounié River reaches Fougamou, it turns from calm to wild. The Chutes de l'Impératrice (‘Empress Falls'), close to town, are worth a visit. They were discovered by 19th century explorer Paul Béloni du Chaillu and named after Empress Eugénie, the wife of Emperor Napoleon III. The locals believe a spirit lives in the river and has created the waterfalls to prevent humans from crossing it.


Where can I go out?

Night-club in the Auberge de Samba-Magotsi, described above.

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