The Margouilla's Advice on Nightstopping in Benguie




What airfield can I expect?

Benguie is a dirt runway located in the forest north of la Lope, close to the tar road between Libreville and Oyem. The surrounding terrain is made up of small hills. Benguie's runway 09, used for landing, is built upslope on a hillside. There is yet another hill on short final, which you need to overfly at treetop, at ref speed, fully configured, before diving in for a landing. the runway surface is reasonnably hard, with a bit of gravel; it banks to the left. Takeoffs are obviously performed the other way, on runway 27, with an immediate turn to avoid the hill if your aircraft is a dog and can't overclimb it...

Parking is at the end of runway 09, at the top of the slope, next to a convenient sign sporting "Aerodrome de Benguie" in black letters, in case you though this was Heathrow. No tiedowns, no flight plan, no fees. The runway is the property of Rougier Gabon, a French timber company. Authorization to operate on the airfield should be requested from their offices in Libreville at +(241) 74 31 50 or


Final approach to rwy 09, Benguie (2005)

Where am I?

In the rainforest, for a change. Benguie is a timber camp.


Where do I sleep?

The only place to sleep is the nearby Rougier camp. Accomodation must be arranged beforehand with the main office in Libreville.


Where do I eat?

Meals would have to be arranged with the camp operator.


What can I visit?

Watching trees grow is the prefered pastime here in Benguie.


Where can I go out?

Nope. You can't.

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