The Margouilla's Advice on Nightstopping in Chad





Capital: Ndjaména (FTTJ/NDJ)

Head of State: President Lt. Gen. Idriss DEBY Itno (since 4 December 1990)

Population: 10.3 millions (2009)

Major infectious diseases:

     Degree of risk: very high
     Food or waterborne diseases: bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever
     Vectorborne disease: malaria (level 3)
     Water contact disease: schistosomiasis
     Respiratory disease: meningococcal meningitis
     Animal contact disease: rabies (2009)
     HIV prevalence: 3.5% (2007 est.)

Languages: French and Arabic (both official), Sara (in the south), and over 120 different dialects

Currency: Central African CFA Franc (XAF)

Telephone code: +(235)

Electrical plugs: French 220V


Main Airports

Ndjaména (FTTJ/NDJ)

Abéché (FTTC/AEH)

Bardaï (FTTZ/-)


Doba (-/-)

Fada (FTTF/-)

Faya Largeau (FTTY/FYT)

Goz Beïda (FTTG/-)

Moundou (FTTD/MQQ)


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